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Pinacyanol refers to a family of functional dyes used to sensitize photographic film to the red, far red, and near infra-red spectrums. One variety was marketed as Sensitol Red by Ilford for this purpose in the 1920s. Modern use lies in scientific imaging, such as astrophotography, or in the manufacture of CDs and DVDs.

Our interest in the substance lies in the fact that a Mr. Oscar Bagnall determined that it had an activity like Dicyanine A in that it enhanced the ability to see the human aura. In addition, it was more stable than Dicyanine A, and (at the time, at least,) less expensive.

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There are three main varieties of Pinacyanol in common manufacture today.

Pinacyanol Bromide


  • Pinacyanol Bromide
  • 1-Ethyl-2-{3-[1-ethyl-2(1H)-quinolinylidene]-1-propenyl}quinolinium bromide
  • Pinacyanol Bromide (external link) from Sigma-Aldrich (external link)

Pinacyanol Chloride


Pinacyanol Iodide

RN 605-91-4
MF C25H25IN2
MW 480.3914


Supplier Description Reference
Sigma-Aldrich (external link) 1,1'-Diethyl-2,2'-carbocyanine iodide (Pinacyanol iodide) 166510  (external link) 1 G, $91.50
abcr (external link) 1,1'-Diethyl-2,2'-Carbocyanine iodide (Pinacyanol)AB122862-0500.00-MGM 500mg
AB122862-0250.00-MGM 250mg
spectruminfo (external link) 1,1'-Diethyl-4,4'-carbocyanine iodideon request
chemos (external link) 1,1-Diethyl-2,2-carbocyanineodide155100 on request
jschem (external link) 1-ethyl-2-[3-(1-ethyl-2(1H)-quinolylidene)prop-1-enyl]quinolinium iodide , 98%min.on request
advtechind (external link) 1,1-DIETHYL-2,2-CARBOCYANINEODIDE1048876 1G
1048876 on request
advtechind (external link) PINACYANOL IODIDE1215243 5G
1215243 1G
1215243 on request

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